Wednesday, April 7, 2010

we left early (you can too).

As it was nearing the end of the night, and festivities were winding down, I suddenly realized that I was exhausted. Beyond exhausted. Like, falling down on the floor and sleeping right there exhausted. I felt like collapsing. Apparently someone agreed:

BUT then,
then I realized that B and I hadn't taken any photobooth pictures as a couple, so we ran over there for a few moments.

Then our photographer snagged us for a few last minute shots.

Then we got distracted by the Smiths and danced some more.

Then I probably had another drink (or two).

Then some guests started leaving, and we gave hugs and said goodbyes.

Then our photographer left and we gave hugs and said goodbyes.

Then our videographer left and we gave hugs and said goodbyes.

Then we might have danced a little bit more because I can't help myself.

Then finally, I turned to B and whined that we needed to leave, like, now.

We weren't the first to go (most of the people there with small children had already left) but we definitely weren't the last. Most of my family was there still, as were a few straggling dancers and a few straggling drinkers, too!

At first I felt a little weird about leaving before everyone else, so I cornered our DOC and I told her my concern.

"It's your wedding, do what you want!" was her fantastic reply. Someone must have called us a cab, because the next thing I knew we were sitting amongst a ton of junk in the back of a van-cab. The cab was packed! We had our overnight bag, a bottle of champagne and a HUGE cardboard box filled with the food and dessert that we didn't eat (which we totally scarfed down as soon as we got to the hotel).

I couldn't believe it was over. And I can't believe my recaps are almost over! Just a few more to go...

Did you leave your wedding early, or were you the last to go?

All photos in this post: Hazelnut Photography


  1. We were literally the very last people to leave our wedding! Except for Amanda and her team of coordinators :)