Wednesday, April 7, 2010

just get over it.

Now that my recaps are just about finished, and I have talked on and on about how fun, relaxing, and delicious my wedding day was, I need to be honest and spell out all of the junk that went wrong. I'm not going to lie to you... things will go wrong! You probably won't even realize most of it until the next day, or the next week, and you just have to not let it bum you out. I let a few things get to me, until I convinced myself it was just a wedding, just one single day, and I made myself move on!

So here it is. My list of what went wrong. Hopefully it is as amusing to you as it is to me:

I forgot the photobooth props. Not a big deal at all, and totally my fault. Luckily the items have been passed on to another bride, and I hope she gets use out of them! I got over this pretty quickly.

My makeup artist canceled. Three days before the wedding, my makeup artist told me she could no longer make it. Luckily, my amazing hairstylist stepped in and did all the hair and makeup. She rules. I got over this as soon as I had my stylist booked for makeup too. :)

My programs were horribly ugly. I am not joking here. We waited until the last minute to choose readings and songs, so I had to wait until the last minute to do programs. I really wanted to include the song lyrics and the reading text in them, so I had an elaborate scheme to gocco 5 page booklets. Yeah, that didn't happen. We ended up with a hideously xeroxed booklet of plain white paper, sloppily cut and stapled together. DIY fail. Luckily, I don't care about programs so I got over it pretty quickly. My mom, not so quickly.

Our out of town bags got invaded... by ants. Two days before the wedding, I went to drop the OOT bags off at the hotel. I picked a box up and felt a little itch on my arm. Then another. And another. I looked down: my arm was covered in ants. No, wait, the boxes were covered in ants. And so were all of the bags. Apparently, some of our food bars weren't factory sealed properly, and got invaded while they were chilling in the corner of our living room. I had to toss all of the food, and the bags filled with goodies were so covered in ants (both dead and alive!) that they weren't salvageable. I had a mini meltdown until I realized no one would notice missing OOT bags since they weren't expecting OOT bags. So, we had no OOT bags! And no one cared! And I got over it.

Our site manager canceled four days before the wedding. The person who knew more about our wedding setup, execution, and venue than anyone, left me a voicemail to tell me he would no longer be able to be at the wedding. After promising me, in writing, that he would be there, another event "suddenly came up." I totally cried. This was my freakout moment. I was livid. I called my DOC and she told me to be calm, everything would be fine. And guess what? It was. And although I would never, ever, ever deal with this management company again, I got over it.

There was a giant rabbit fur/skin on the couch and a deer head on the wall. Even though we were told the deer head would be taken down for our wedding, it wasn't. Luckily, I didn't spot the rabbit skin (which was on the couch in the bridal suite), as our stylist told someone to get rid of it before I saw it. Dead animal skins make me sad, guys, and I didn't want to be sad on my wedding day. There was nothing I could do about the deer, so I let it go, and got over it.

I speedwalked down the aisle. The aisle was super short anyway, and my fast walking meant that we only got to hear about 15 seconds of my favorite song ever. Kind of a bummer, but... oh well. I didn't even think about this until I saw our video, so it was a get-over-it-post-wedding situation. Easily gotten over!

I totally dropped a ton of DIY projects. Drink stirrers? Not gonna happen. Terrarium centerpieces? Too bad. No one noticed, and our tables were super full of food and stuff, so none of this mattered. Glad I let it go!

Some of the food wasn't what we asked for. We had smashed potatoes with veggies on the menu, and got whole, un-smashed purple potatoes instead. We asked for a "normal person food"-type of pasta lasagna, and got a zuchini-noodle casserole instead. Luckily, it all tasted good. So I let it go.

Someone handed me a bouquet and told me to toss it. We had no plans for a bouquet or garter toss. Suddenly, towards the end of the night, someone handed me a bouquet and told me the DJ was getting ready to start the song (you know, that one... Single Ladies). Totally confused, I gave the flowers a halfhearted throw. Apparently, the DJ and photographer both panicked because they had no idea it was happening. I didn't know it was happening either. Anyway, I got over it and let it go.

My mom tried to buy a truckload of Diet Coke two hours before the ceremony. My well meaning mother, who knew of our entire drink/bar menu for the past several months, looked around as she was getting her hair done and asked "where's the diet soda?" I re-informed her that we didn't drink diet soda (or any soda, really) and as such we weren't providing said soda. There would be two kinds of unsweetened iced tea, coffee and good ol' diet friendly water for those watching their sugar intake. My mom had her very own bridezilla moment and practically ran out the door to buy up a car full of diet coke. I calmly told her to GTFO of my dressing room before I exploded. Amazingly, she got over it by the time I opened the door again (perhaps someone kindly informed her to get over it? And she did.) I got over it, and like to laugh about it, a lot.

Our sendoff was lackluster. Or, well, nonexistent. I didn't plan anything special (confetti! sparklers! MAGICAL DOVES!) for our sendoff, and then regretted it immensely. Instead, we just kinda left. Which was fine at the time. But I really wish I had memories (and photos) of all of our guests gathering around us and showering us with something sparkly and filled with love. I have to admit, I am still trying to get over this one...

I hope some of these made you laugh at their ridiculousness. I certainly laughed about most of them. The thing is, because there is so much planning involved in a typical wedding, there is so much room for something to go wrong. I really, truly believe that the best thing to do is just let it go. I know, I know... it is easier said than done. After I let go of all of the minor (and not so minor) things that happened, I had much better memories of my wedding day.

Did any funny things go wrong at your wedding? Please do tell!


  1. I love this list. :) So many things went wrong with my wedding too (that most people wouldn't even notice but I did)...I hope you don't mind, I'm borrowing this list idea. Your recaps were fab and your wedding was amazing. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! There will always be the inevitable list of small regrets :)